Club Group Ride Rules

In order to promote safe and enjoyable rides, participants agree to the following:


  1. Know your capabilities before registering.  For the enjoyment of all riders, please consider a different ride if you are not sure you can maintain the speed and ride the distance. Contact the Ride Leader before the ride if you are not sure or have questions.
  2. Speeds and distances are posted on the calendar.  The posted speed is an AVERAGE MOVING SPEED when not stopped.  Expect variations of 5-10% due to road and weather conditions and the make up of the group.  
  3. Riders MUST register in advance by using the website calendar OR the Wild Apricots for Members app for iPhone or Android.
  4. When registering, riders must provide emergency contact information, agree to these rules, accept the Club’s Release and Waiver of Liability Agreement, and agree to make their name public.
  5. The first ride as a guest is free.  Thereafter, you must join to be covered by the Club's insurance.

  1. Riders are expected to be ready to ride 10 minutes before the posted start time.  RIDES LEAVE ON TIME.
  2. Riders must be self-sufficient and carry a spare tire, water/sports drink(s), and a snack.
  3. Properly worn ANSI or CPSC certified bicycle helmets are required whenever on the bike. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. Earphones are prohibited, except for hearing aids.
  5. Phone calls and texting is not permitted while riding.
  6. Riders under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult.
  7. Riders agree to call out and/or relay traffic and road hazards, and not to do anything that may compromise their safety or the safety of others.
  8. Riders must follow current CDC and state guidelines for COVID and other diseases and be free of any FLU, RSV, or COVID symptoms. IF YOU DON’T FEEL WELL, DON'T RIDE.

  1. Bikes must be in good condition and properly maintained, with tires pumped up to pressure within the range stated on their tires.
  2. Use of aerobars are strongly discouraged and are subject to the Ride Leader's discretion, allowable when riding ONLY in the lead position.
  3. Time Trial (“tt”) bikes are prohibited.
  4. Pedal assist eBikes (Class 1 and Class 3) that are safely ridden/operated with adherence to the posted speed are permitted. Class 2 eBikes (electric bikes with throttled assistance) are NOT permitted.

  1. Riders must obey all traffic laws (e.g. stop at red lights, rolling stop with caution at stop signs) and other rules outlined in Delaware TITLE 21 - CHAPTER 41. Subchapter XII. Operation of Bicycles.
  2. Riders who leave the ride or are not stopping at end of the ride must notify the Ride Leader, preferably directly or if not practical, by asking another rider to relay a message to the Ride Leader.
  3. For the safety and enjoyment of all, participation is at the Ride Leader's discretion.  If asked to leave, riders are expected to do so respectfully and immediately.

If you have questions about a ride, please contact the Ride Leader or Club Ride Director (preferably before the ride).

Sussex Cyclists, Inc. - April 2023
Club Group Ride Rules are subject to change without notice.

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