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January 17, 2021

SUBJECT: Winter Blahs, COVID Fatigue and 2021 Club Group Rides

On behalf of the Sussex Cyclists Board of Directors, best wishes to all Club Members for a happy and healthy New Year filled with many miles of safe and enjoyable riding.

Cycling activities for most of us decline significantly during the colder weather. Kudos to those that are still riding outside (individually or in small groups) and/or cycling indoors on trainers (smart or not), exercise bikes (with or without on-line subscriptions for training and virtual rides) or participating in spin classes (at a gym or virtually at home).  Others choose to reallocate their time to cross training for building up strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity. Or maybe we put additional emphasis on reading on line bicycling articles or books to increase our knowledge of cycling skills and bicycle maintenance. And a number of us just chill out to re-charge and spend more time on activities that tend to get crowded out during the prime riding months. 

Any or all of the above are productive activities worthy of our individual and collective effort, especially as we push through the COVID-19 pandemic. With 10 months behind us and probably another 6-9 months remaining before a combination of wide availability of vaccine for all of us, better availability to reliable testing and strict compliance with mitigation (wearing masks, social distancing and hand hygiene) bring us closer to the pre-pandemic “normal” we long for. And beyond all things bicycle, it’s an understatement to say that the adjustments we continue to make in our lives because of COVID-19 greatly impacts the way we relate to family, friends and community.

It’s important that we have things to look forward to, and for many of us, that includes bicycling. Although public service activities are still for the most part shut down, Sussex Cyclists will have a Group Riding program in 2021. In April we will hold our annual Club Group Riding Leadership meeting - whether in person or virtually as we did in 2020 - to establish the parameters and conduct training to effectively implement our activities. To help us prepare I am asking for your feedback and suggestions so that our 2021  program is in line with the expectations of our members. Here’s some things you may want to comment on (please don’t do a reply to all- send to me and/or a Club Officer or Board member):

  • If you participated in our 2020 Club Group Rides, the good, bad and ugly on the rides and Club Group Riding Leadership (Ride Leaders, Assistant Ride Leaders and Sweep Riders);
  • Whether you would like to join the the 2021 Club Group Riding Leadership to help share the load;
  • Our on-line Club Group Ride reservation and automated email process we used in 2020;
  • Your feelings about the need to find an alternative to our now shut down Yahoo Groups email distribution (discontinued by Yahoo in mid December) and suggestions for alternatives;
  • Suggested changes/content additions to our club web site [] and face book [] platforms;
  • Whether Sussex Cyclists should continue to provide members with training and support for Ride With GPS and provide similar training and support for Strava; 
  • Whether Sussex Cyclists should continue to advertise or promote selective area and regional event rides; 
  • Whether participation in Club Group Rides should only be for current club members (and occasional guests of members); and
  • Anything else you think would be appropriate for the Club to consider implementing in 2021.

Our club leadership looks forward to receiving your initial feedback before the end of January so it can be discussed at the to be scheduled February meeting of the Sussex Cyclists Board of Officers and Directors.


Bill Gorodetzer

Ride Director, Sussex Cyclists

(215) 370-2854

Bill Gorodetzer

Ride Director, Sussex Cyclists

(215) 370-2854

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